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    The blog portion of the website is new to me, but something I have been wanting to do for a while now. Well thats sort of true. I started one years ago under the alias "Miss Gunns" somewhere on Google, but has since gone to the wayside. I think I even had a note section on Myspace when that site was still popular. Anyways, I felt the necessity to open a writing platform back up, and what better way than on my own website? I would like to take a moment to introduce the latest film from the Antagonist Art Movement. This is the second film I have appeared in with the group and could not be happier for our director, Ethan Minsker about the latest showing at the Santa Fe film festival coming up. Through the years he has filmed the events that I have done with the group. Its been a blessing in disguise. I have watched myself grow on camera: not only as a person, but my artwork and how I discuss it with others.

    I have added the trailers to the post, but when you get a moment, have a look at the link and for all of Ethan's other films. You can check him out on Vimeo, or the AAM's website at Antagonist Art Movement. You can also see the other films available on Amazon's one-click movie option. 

    The Self Medicated trailer:


    Dolls of Lisbon trailer: