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  • Revamping some Letters

    Revamping some Letters

    I'll be part of the "Antagonists Art Movement Goes back to School" at Bennington College the weekend of October 3rd through the 5th. After using these letters in two other workshops, they sure have gotten their use. I'm going through cleaning them, recarving some, and backing them all. Its a lot of work but definitely worth it. I spent the better part of the morning sorting out stock images and lettering stuffs for not only my workshop, but the Fanzine one as well. The weekend starts off with films from the last two Antagonist Projects, where I will be there to answer a few Q & A questions with Ethan Minsker and Richard Denny.

    Here is a brief rundown of whats happeneing while we are in town. If you know anyone interested, send them our way!

    Making fanzines from scratch. What is a fanzine? An independently made publication. Bring your own artwork. Not originals. We will cut and glue it to the page and make a zine. In a time when blogs rule the web fanzines are the low tech answer to getting your artwork seen in the real world. 

    Print making and Typography 
    The use of letter forms and symbolism has been, and will always be, instrumental in communication. This workshop focuses on students creating their own visual dialogue using type. Letter blocks are handcarved and will serve as printing tools in the workshop. Each print will vary slightly during the process. You can add your own materials to enhance and accommodate your personal aesthetic.

    Friday night 

    The Dolls of Lisbon
    72 minutes, Documentary
    Ethan H. Minsker, Filmmaker
    Winner "Best Of Fest" at the Victoria Texas Independent Film Festival.
    The Dolls of Lisbon portrays a collective of international artists who were each given a blank canvas doll and asked to create a unique piece of art, the culmination of which was then displayed at an annual art fair in Lisbon, Portugal. The larger story – a story almost every artist knows well – is the struggle to create art while surviving in a monetarily based world. 
    The film employs stop-motion animation and a vibrant alternative soundtrack. The Dolls of Lisbon was the official selection of the Royal Flush Festival, G40 Art Summit, DC independent film festival and the Hong Kong Underground Film Festival and was recently screened at the Queens Museum of Art as part of an art exhibition. The film features the artwork of rock ‘n’ roll royalties such as Fabrizio Moretti of the Strokes, Arturo Vega from the Ramones and Ted Riederer of Never Records fame.

    Saturday screening:

    Self Medicated: a film about art
    93 min
    from Ethan Minsker
    Winner D.I.Y. award at RXSM 2014
    Whether you are a successful artist, an unproven entity, or struggling to create while working a 9-5, there is a common thread amongst most creative types: a depression that is kept at bay by producing new works. Art can serve an artist much in the same way any drug might. “Self Medicated” is a new film about art, artists, and their struggles to stay happy. The Antagonist Movement was formed by a group of unknown artists in 2000. Begun in bars and clubs of the Lower East Side, the movement promoted lesser-known works by up-and-coming talent. Over the last thirteen years the Antagonist Movement has grown and expanded from its base in New York to show in cities around the world, including Berlin, Lisbon, and Quito. This film documents the entire history of the Antagonist Movement and the artists involved, employing animation, stop-motion film techniques, interviews, and a killer soundtrack that spans the globe. From the street to the gallery and back again, “Self Medicated” reveals a new wave in art from the last American art movement.

    There will be a Q and A after the screening. Free copies of our Psycho Moto Zine will be given out.