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    Comic review

    I have been collecting artwork and comic books from friend and fellow artist Jack Jerz since 2009. I am proud to introduce his latest presentation of Way Far Out: At the Edge of the Earth.

    The comic chronicles the denizens of a fictitious subarctic boomtown. Jerz takes a tongue-in-cheek approach to highlight events from a historical context, with relevance to current events. Surreptitious, non-apologetic, and aware, Way Far Out is by far more insidious than his previous pieces. Reader beware, you may have to re-evaluate current social, economic, and political structures. It beckons to say that your --our-- futures depend on it.

    Bizarre and otherworldly landscapes reflect on signature styles from the past, while inventing futuristic, and an almost dreary, futures as result of humanity’s ignorance. Each page markedly different than the last, the amount of detail and thought is ever present in the body of work. Each piece is collectively tied to one another using heavy black atmospheres, and textured gray scale.

    Anthropological and introspective, Jerz’s work promises to take you on a long winding journey into your subconscious.

    You can grab this and other issues here: http://jackjerz.bigcartel.com/

    Issues in the photo include:

    Way Far Out, At the Edge of the Earth

    Low Tide in the Big Grimy City

    and Sacred Adventures on the Golden Enscarpment