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  • Ladies, Ladies! show @ MF Gallery Brooklyn, NYC

    Ladies, Ladies! show @ MF Gallery Brooklyn, NYC

    September 15, 2018. It was an absolute honor and privilege to be part of this event. With over 50 of my lady contemporaries in the field, I can without a doubt say that it was such an inspiration to be in the room around so many amazing pieces. A huge thank you to Elvia and Martina for keeping this event alive and presenting such a beautiful space. There will be a closing reception in case you may have missed the opener. Flier designed by Holly Ellis of Idle Hand Tattoo in San Francisco. Below is my image that is still available for sale through the gallery(A Fresh Bouquet, print on Reeves BFK with Embroidered edges, 16x 25, Framed). If you are interested please visit www.MFgallery.net/LLAS/LLAS.html for more information.