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  • Re-Issued prints, final call & new 2019 holiday cards!

    Re-Issued prints, final call & new 2019 holiday cards!

    Its the 2019 Holiday Season and the stress is on all of us. We torture ourselves for about a month, eat a ton of food, celebrate with friends, do crazed shopping and traveling for the sake of fulfilling the season. Its fun though. It reminds us that we have spirit- and a whole other array of emotions! Let me go ahead and ease things up for some of ya getting caught up in the whirlwind of the season.

    Gifts. Particularly small business, support your local artist type of gifts. I got em!

    I've created a set of customized, hand crafted holiday cards and prints to help fulfill all your shopping needs. One of a kind printwork with embroidered inlays displaying holly and cactus. A set of two for $25 or one for $14. 


    Below are the last of the Alamo and Bike monoprint series. Both are 20" x 30" in size and are printed on cotton Rives Bfk paper from France. I will no longer be making these prints, this is the last of both series. These have been marked down from $200 to $150 ea.  for the holiday season! 

    *An upclose shot to indicate texture of the piece.

    To purchase any of these items, or for custom commissions, please email me directly at:


    I will respond as soon as possible! Thank you for your interest in my work!